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We are Your... Friends,

All Kleen is a division connected to one of west Michigan’s most trusted restoration companies All Call Restoration. We could not think of a better way to serve our community than to start a division that could continue to help the communities right where we live. Our entire Business philosophy has always centered around “Helping People”. The past years have been nothing short of challenging for many. Many Americans have had to transition to work or learn from home. With that being said it has caused many homeowners to literally exist in their homes virtually 24/7.

All Kleen was developed to give that every-day hard working homeowner an affordable way to spruce things up in their home. Unlike many other Companies we are not a Franchise. We are a group of trustworthy individuals who live right here in your community...we are your friends, neighbors and for many ……family.

Helping Make Your Home 
"New" in 2022 

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